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Nocturne Sanctum presents

Vixen Temple, 

Kalopsia, Darcy Taylor,

Eden Eve,

Lexi Liquid, Venus Viagra, Alpha aka Amber, 

Duke of Filth aka Flirtatious Fang,

Nocturness aka Nikki Vespertine

Attention Concept Stage Spot ticket holders! 

Everything is hard to predict right now, and things aren’t looking good for Concept stage Spot to be held on the 4th of November in Auckland. 

As we have an audience of over 100 people, we can’t go ahead till Alert Level 1. 

We will not be cancelling this event, however, we can’t give you a postponement date as of yet, for obvious reasons. 

BUT the show WILL go ahead, even if it has to be 2022. 

So stay tuned, and stay hyped, as this very special event will be going ahead at a postponed date! Which of, is yet to be announced. 

Thank you for the on going support, understanding and kindness. 

With love from The Nocturne Sanctum crew, and the cast of Concept Stage Spot.


The intention of this stage show, is to give str!bbers and a swerkers a theatre stage and creative control.

Within the str!b club, if we are to completely unleash unapologetic, artistic freedom, we might not get the response we are hoping for.

Outside of the str!b club, people have inferred that we couldn’t do theatre, or character work, or performance art, because we have been boxed into what people presume for a str!bber.

Here, we unleash.

Here, we are not bound to expectation.

Here, we are not bound to the male gaze.

Unapologetic, fierce, juicy, omnipotent, indomitable.

- Important info follows below - 

This event is strictly R18 and may contain xpl!c!t content and nood!ty.

There will be a chance to tip your favourite performers! All of which goes directly to the performer. No club cuts here baby!


If you are found to be photographing or filming, you will be removed from the premises, non refundable.

This is to ensure the privacy and discretion of the performers, as well as spectators. 

You do not need to record “for your friends”, we have professionals on board to capture appropriate memories.

This event is seated and standing GA - this means seating is not allocated. 

If you have a seated ticket, we recommend early arrival to secure your group spot.

Doors open 7pm

Show starts 8pm

Show will end roughly around 10pm, but feel free to stick around to party a bit, we will be!

If lockdown dictates, there will be a postponement date. If there is a reason why people can’t make the postponement date, they will be able to request a refund. Request for refund must be made within one week of postponement date issue. 

Ticket holders will be notified via social media postings, and direct email.

All spelling mistakes made in this description are intended to avoid social media suppression.


Lexi Liquid


Darcy Taylor

Duke of Filth aka Flirtatious Fang

Venus Viagra 

Alpha aka Amber

Eden Eve 

Nocturness aka Nikki Vespertine

Vixen Temple

Wed 15 Dec 2021

07:00pm Till 10:00pm

Phoenix Entertainment Cabaret Club, 258 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, Auckland