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Boom Candy Presents



Boom Candys legendary club night City Doof is back. 

We’ve slammed the club full with as many subs as we can, so come and feel the raw power of the Boom Candy sound system, with bass so deep that you can feel it in your soul. 

We’re super excited about this lineup and you should be too,
with yet another stacked array of the highest quality selectors including none other than;
An absolute don with 14 years behind the decks and on some of the biggest stages across New Zealand. Former radio show host and club resident, his talent, experience, and unique selection has seen him play support for a list enthusiast’s wet dream of the best-of-the-best talent across the full spectrum of Drum and Bass, including being the go-to support DJ for Andy C tours since 2010.

Expect nothing less than vibing full spectrum Drum and Bass including cutting-edge tracks and timeless classics from the prior Rumble in the Jungle Champion to get you shaking in your boots well into the night.

 Chachi has also played every Bush Doof since the very beginning. Chachi is hanging up the headphones this year, so this will be your last chance to see him throw down at a City Doof. Be prepared for an epic 1.5 hour classics set with JabZ on the mic this will be a set to remember .

Providing, riding and amplifying the connection between music and crowd, in New Zeeland for over 15 years now, JabZ first became hooked on bass in 1990 in Reading UK, where the early rave scene was breaking through and took vocal influences from the legendary Stevie Hyper D (RIP), MC Conrad and Top Buzz’s Mad P.
Since those early days, he has come a long way both lyrically and geographically, moving from the UK to claim Christchurch, New Zealand his new home. Warming up for the legendary Mampi Swift and IC3 in 2005, The Ministry, really give him the first real taste of a Kiwi crowd and he hasn’t looked back since.
Having toured all over New Zealand and Europe as the MC of choice for home-grown producer Trei and been lucky enough to work alongside some of the world’s finest DJ/Producers and MC’s, earning himself a reputation as a dope lyricist, graceful host and when JabZ lights up a mic in front of a crowd all hell could break loose and frequently does.
Music released on: Commercial Suicide, Uprising, Section 8 Records and Adapted Records.
“The quintessential Mic Conductor and my number one M.C. of choice every time” - Trei
"We've played some amazing shows with JabZ all around the world. Nobody gets the party started like the Jabba!" - State of Mind

Greeen - making waves with new project Mish & Greeen after a successful debut e.p. released on Noxious Records, and some huge releases of his own. Featured on both Lost Sonics, there’s a great reason why he’s a favorite booking for Boom Candy parties. Expect huge energy and loads of unreleased tunes blended together perfectly with tunes touching the highest end of production in his iconic, very talented smooth and exciting mixing style.

Including 3 incredible supports who are getting ready to throw down for the first time on the mighty Boom Candy rig. 

-Yen - Started mixing from just 10 years old now has over 8 years experience and has recently jumped into the production realm. He loves filthy tunes stacked with bass and is sure to keep the dance floor entertained.

DJ, aspiring Producer and host of Pulzar FM's Tuesday Rollers, Absent started mixing in 2013 and discovered a deep passion for all aspects of Drum & Bass.

He has previously proudly played support for legends like:
State of Mind
The Upbeats
The Prototypes
Absent is quickly becoming known in the local NZ dnb scene and you know he will always rock the party!


Book the night off, assemble ya crew and we’ll see you where the beats, lights, bass and visuals amalgamate into the beautiful madness that is City Doof.

Tickets from cosmic $15/$20 
Door Sales $25
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Fri 28 May 2021 to Sat 29 May 2021

08:00pm Till 03:00am

Hide, 172 St Asaph St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch